We teach in central London, roughly within zones 1 to 3. If you're unsure whether we can reach you or not do get in touch and we'll let you know. If you want to travel to us, we are currently located in Angel and Swiss Cottage, both locations very close to the respective underground stations.
Payments are made on the day of the lesson, either in cash or bank transfer.
No, there is no contract or binding time period where you have to take lessons. You can stop taking lessons at any time.
Weekly lessons are a good rule of thumb. Less often than that is generally not recommended, as consistency and deadlines in the form of a lesson are essential for progress. Twice weekly is certainly an option, especially before exams.
Yes, you'll be expected to have a cello to play on. There are many places in London where cellos can be purchased or rented, and we can offer you some guidance in the process.
Of course, although we do ask that you let us know a day or two in advance, so that we can reschedule our time properly.
One hour is the perfect length for a music lesson, giving us sufficient time to cover everything. Shorter lessons are sometimes suitable for younger children who are just beginning, as playing the cello can be physically demanding at the start. Longer lessons are available for our more advanced students. We will advise you on what's best for you.
Taking music exams is an excellent idea, and we encourage our students to do so. We have lots of experience with exam preparation, and our students boast a 100% success rate.


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