About Us

a beautiful picture of Nicola and Lucy

The London Cello Studio was born from the collaboration of Nicola Siagri and Lucy Gijsbers, two high-performing graduates from the Royal College of Music in London. After completing our Master's Degrees in our relative countries, Italy and New Zealand, we moved to London to take the highest level performance degree offered in the UK, the Artist Diploma. We evidently both liked London so much that we decided to stay!

Amidst our busy performing careers we have decided to create this cello school to begin passing down our knowledge to future talents. We take teaching very seriously, and we believe that learning music should be a fundamental part of children's education. Music opens our minds and broadens the depth of our emotions. Understanding music allows us to see the world in all its colors.

Guiding a new student through the discovery of the cello (or any musical instrument really) is a delicate matter, and having a good teacher from the outset can make all the difference when it comes to success in becoming an adept musician, avoiding the danger of giving up early out of frustration.

We strive to be the teachers that will inspire you with your music making, nurturing the love for music that is inside all of us. We are very well aware of the challenges that lie in the path of learning to play the cello and becoming a musician, and we'll be with you all the way.